KPN FINVESTCO have engaged in many years of import/export trade involving a variety of minerals such as iron ore, manganese ore, antimony ore, nickel ore, coal and petroleum coke. Base on good relation between our management with the customer. We have established a strategic partnership with international ore producer in South East Asia, Africa, South America as well as from Thailand. We also trade other commodities from South East Asia as the biggest agriculture producer for the world. The commodities product such as Palm Oil, Refined Sugar, Rice, Modified Starch.

          We specialize in non-ferrous ores, concentrates, refined and precious metals and their related by-products for a global smelting and processing customer base. KPN offers services including smart investment plan, pre-export finance assistant and project finance and risk management.

          We strengthen market links between producers and end-users and supply our customers with the commodities they require when and where they need them. We’ve built a global trading operation source and supply and forming strong relationships that make supply chains more efficient, secure and sustainable.

          Our commitment to the responsible sourcing of metals and minerals and Coal from the miner/producer with smart logistic solution to arrange product deliver to our customer. We are committed to providing excellent service, building upon existing relationships and forming lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships.